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A Cincinnati Ballet Branded Event

The tricky part of this project was trying to brand a new event but stay true to the company's brand standards. This was achieved by using the outline of the building, variations of the brands primary color, indego, and utilizing one of the brands secondary colors, yellow. Overall this was a super fun project. I love the incorporation of Halloween silhouettes combined with the silhouette of the ballerina in the windows and the bats flying around. This was an extremely successful event for Cincinnati Ballet and they intend to do it next year.

Trick-or-Treat at the Ballet Digital Graphics for website-01.png

Trick-or treating at the ballet was a free event that was offered to the community. This was a new event we offered in the 2023-2024 Season. We wanted to organically offer this to the community and see how popular it seems to be before upping our efforts. We emailed our house file and put it out on Facebook and Instagram. Asking people if they were interested to pre-register for a spot. Within 24 hours the event was completely booked. The event was a huge success and Cincinnati Ballet intends to do it again next year.

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