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Sensory Friendly and Educator Guides

Guides created for Educator's to use before and after the performance to enhance their students learning experience.

Cincinnati Ballet selects one or two ballets per season to offer a special matinee performance that is targeted to a special audience. The audiences targeted come from multiple different parts of our community. School and home school groups, nursing homes, people with special abilities and needs and others. These performances are offered for a much lower ticket price than a normal performance. Depending on the type of performance offered the show they are seeing could be altered from what a patron would see at a normal performance.

As part of the marketing department at Cincinnati Ballet, creating these guides fell on my plate. The educator guides expand upon the ballet and the story being told. They go into further detail, behind-the-scean look or just expanding on the background behind the ballet. 

The guides for a sensory friendly performance are a little different than the former mentioned guides. They focus more on the experience of going to the theater and what these patrons should expect from their experience. Both guides include my favorite part – games and activities.

Don Quixote Educator's Guide

I based the design of this on previous guides. I researched and wrote many of the sections, as well as laid everything out, created most of the extra graphics, and activities and games. To read the whole guide click the link below the guides cover.

The Nutcracker Educator's Guide

Most of the content of this guide was written several years prior to me working at the ballet. I was instructed to update the previous guide into our new format, make it look more professional, and make new games and activities.

Beauty and the Beast Sensory Friendly Guide

We collaborated with some specialist from Cincinnati Children's Hospital to make sure we're appropriately designing for the sensory friendly audience. These guides include slightly different content than the educator's guides. It focuses more on the overall experience of going to the theater, what they should expect there, different rules, check list of their trip and of course fun extra activities and games.

ALICE (in wonderland) Educator's Guide

This is the first educator's guide I created. I was given a word doc. with a rough outline of what should be included in the guide. Most of the sections had some sort of explanation of what it should be but it was up to me to expand on it, which often required extra research on my part. I was in control of the layout, graphics, photos I choose to use and all games and activities. 

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