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Examples of my work below this point are from 2019 and earlier. I will be updating with newer work soon. Please visit the Home Page or the Notable Projects Page for examples of new work. Thank you for your understanding.

Product Design

While working for Culinart, Inc. I designed numerous products for Marvelous Molds®, a brand of Culinart, Inc. All of these products are designed and used for decorating cakes. We design products that let the home baker and the accomplished professional baker achieve amazing results! Click on the any of the following images to enlarge photo.

Bird With Blossoms Silicone Onlay®

This was the first product I was asked to design for the brand Marvelous Molds®. The idea was closely based on a design by Elisa Strauss. This was Elisa Strauss' first Silicone Onlay® in her line of Marvelous Molds® products. Click on the images below to enlarge each graphic.

Splash Silicone Onlay®

This was the third product I designed while working at Culinart. The design was based on my personal logo. My boss saw my logo on my mouse pad one day and fell in love. He asked me to design a Silicone Onlay® that would reproduce this stylized water droplet "Splash" much like my logo (see top of page). Click on each image to enlarge the photo.

Bubble Letters Flexabets

This product came out in 2017 along with several other font styles. This font was designed to be fun and playful. It reminds me of the "Bubble Letters" my friends and I would use on notes we'd pass back and forth in middle school. If you would like to see more of this collection, please click on the link to the bottom left of the following three graphics. Please click on the graphics below to enlarge each image.

Scalloped Insole Silicone Onlay®

This unique product is part of the Elisa Strauss Mold Collection. It is designed to be loaded and cut like a Silicone Onlay® but on-molded and placed by hand, inside of the sugar shoe. The Scalloped Insole is intended to give the finishing touches to the ever trendy sugar shoes, giving that extra realistic appearance. Click on each image below to enlarge photo.

Happy Birthday Stars Silicone Onlay®

The assignment was to create a "Happy Birthday" design with celebration type supporting elements. It needed to repeated left to right within 6.25" wide by 4" high. Click on any of the graphics below to enlarge image.

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